• Ceramic Pin

    Die cut ceramic pin with butterfly clasp.


  • Chapeau! Espresso

    A well balanced espresso that will satisfy both the old-world taste and the new school.


  • Peloton Cold Brew Blend

    Our Peloton Cold Brew is the perfect blend crafted to satisfy the taste of the main pack.


  • Sample Box

    Can't make up your mind? Grab a sample box for you or a friend and try 4 of our unique coffees before you settle on a full bag.


  • Single Origin: Bolivia

    Our 2017 Bolivia is from Yungas, Bolivia. With chocolate aromas that carry into the flavor, and pair with notes of herbs and mild clean citrus. Tropical fruit undertones, and caramel finish.


  • Single Origin: Dominican Republic

    This Single Origin Natural Processed Dominican Coffee comes from Cibao, Dominican Republic. Besides being a very rare single origin coffee, this Dominican Coffee also comes from one family owned estate.


  • Single Origin: Ethiopia

    Our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a delicious and medium-light roast. Full range of flavors ranging from chocolatey to fruity.


  • Single Origin: Guatemala

    Grown in Zunliito, Suchitepequez, Guatemala, the Finca Esperanza, is Certified Organic, Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certified, and certified with The International Women in Coffee association.


  • Single Origin: Haiti

    The single origin Haiti is our true classic. This is the bean that started it all. Rich, flavorful, luscious, this bean is one of the best. It is the foundation of our business and our nitro. Degaje.