Single Origin: Haiti

Single Origin: Haiti



Roast Level: Medium-dark roast

Varietal: Typica/Blue/Bourbon

Process: Washed & sun dried

Region: Central Plateau

Elevation: 1600m asl (5249ft)

Tasting Notes: Spice (cinnamon), peanuts, raw vanilla

Vintage: 2016-2017

A Brief History

Up until the 1950s, Haiti was the 3rd highest exporter of green coffee in the world. Natural disaster and political unrest made for a tumultuous time after the 50s for coffee production, which led to a huge decline in production until recent years. The pride of the Haitian people and the willingness of outside influencers to reinvest into a once thriving agricultural market is how Haiti will become a key player in the coffee world once again. The proof is in the cup!

A Taste of Haiti

Rich in flavor and historical significance, what we drink from Haiti today is very much identical to what original farmers and growers drank over 300 years ago.

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