About Domestique

Who is Domestique

Domestique is a coffee, hospitality, and lifestyle brand that is providing Alabama with coffee based cultural experiences. We believe in simplicity and innovation. We are founded on the idea of “easy access to high quality coffee”, meaning we want simple and healthy coffees to be available for you, our customers, at home, on the go, and in the restaurants you visit.

It is our goal to produce the best nitro cold brew, and whole-bean coffee available. Our coffee is special because we use a fluid-bed roaster, which maintains the integrity and nuanced flavor of the beans.

Our Mission

We’re a coffee roaster, beverage company, and Cafe entity dedicated to high quality and sustainably-grown coffees served in traditional and nontraditional formats. Domestique is a business built on labor. And one that respects craftsmanship. Our focus is on portable ready-to-drink products and our direct-to-consumer model with a pivot to tech based applications.

We are a socially responsible coffee importer and roaster that is dedicated to sourcing sustainably grown coffees as well as ensuring a fair wage supply line from production to distribution.

Contact Us

Hey friends! We want to hear from you. If you want to carry or serve our products, tell us how much you enjoyed everything, or if something wasn’t up to your/our standard please give us a shout.

3017 6th Ave S
Birmingham, Al 35233
phone: (205) 202 5278